Words from Elijah

A few hours ago, as I was trying to think about what to write to introduce this section to you, then my neighbor knocked on the wall between our cells and told me to go to the back, where there’s a spot we can talk to each other without having to yell over the run. We got to talk to talking and ended up having a good conversation about pen-pals and how important they are to guys locked up, especially someone trying to fight for his life. I wish there was a “how to” book on how to attract pen-pals and raise support for someone in my situation, because I’ve been trying for close to four years and have had a very little luck. That’s what our conversation come up with, that it takes luck, and a good message… It’s taken me a long time, I finally found one friend willing to help me get my message out for me. That would envolved sitting down and explaining to my friend the best I could how and why I was sent to death row, despite being innocent of my murder. I’m sure you’ve heard the same sad story many times, you may have even become “immune” to that argument, but I ask you.. NO I beg you, to consider the facts I’ve given to you. They can all be CONFIRMED. My message is simple: I AM INNOCENT AND TO KEEP FROM BEING MURDERED BY THE STATE OF TEXAS, I NEED YOUR HELP.   This is where I feel help comes into play I’ve seen guys on the Row barely 6 months get a pen-pal willing to put fourth huge efforts to help their new friend and fight his case while other guys here try for years to find just one good friend willing to dedicate a little time to helping them. I’m hoping now is the time “ladyluck” will shine her light on me. I’ve heard so many people saying “they don’t know how to help” , or “are too busy to help”… Unfortunatly too many people think that to help someone like me prove my innoncence they have to spend hours and hours doing something or be rich to give large amounts of financial help. But this is NOT true, you want to know how you can help me ?

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1: write to Elijah :

Elijah Joubert 999492
Polunsky Unit
3872 F.M. 350 South
Texas 77351

2: Put a link on your homepage – spread my message

3: Recruit Help

Again, it would take only a few minutes of your time to send email to the organisations i’ve listed below and ask them to help me in my fight to prove my innocence. The more requests these organisations get asking them to become involved more likely it is they will, they are the only organisations i have contact informations for, if you know of others please contact them also.

Center on wrongful convictions


E mail : rwarden@law.northwestern.edu

Contact : Rob Warden, executive director

University of Houston, innocence network


Innoncence project at the university of Texas

Email : jficaro@mail.utexas.edu

Contact : James Figaro

Newspapers : Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, New York Times, Houston press

Magazines : Texas Monthly, website : www.texasmonthly.com

4: Give Financial help / donations

Going through a state or Federal appeals process is expensive, and is if a person gets lucky and wins a new trial. That’s money… There is the lawyers fee, then investigators, exerts witnesses, tests to be Run, so many other things… Sometimesthe court will grant you money for some of them, but what about the others ? for this many guys set up defense founds to accept donations until they are needed. I’ve been trying to do this, but so far everytime i get close to getting it done something goes wrong and i’m set back. So right now i do not have a DEFENSE FUND, or even a bank account where donations can be sent directly, but i am hoping to have my support found set up soon with proper information and addresses where if you want to help me financially, you can send donations. Everything helps, it could be a 1$ or 5$ donation. Too many think to help someone in my position they need to donate more, but if you can give me like 1 dollar a day, or collect the loose change from your pocket every night, for a month, this all adds up and will help. Soon as the support fund account is up and running, i will update this information. These 4 are only a few of the ways you could help. There is so many more ways like if you go to church, or if you a part of a prayer group ? you could discuss my situation with others in your congregation ? together you could come up with ideas, you can speak out as a group in support of me getting a new trial. Okay maybe you dont go to church , the same can be done by members of any group, car clubs, student clubs, or computer club, a fraternity or a soronity, the list goes on. What i have learned is by myself, i can not win this fight, but with your help and the help of others, i have a chance to prove my innocence and and be united with my daughter, go home to my family and once again have a life. PLEASE IF YOU BELIEVE I WAS WRONGFULLY CONVICTED, I NEED YOUR HELP.