*******Im going to do my best to provide you with a detailed history of my case and a overview of certain issues that were raised in my write without really overloading you with too many confusing facts. I know I will put considerably more details of my case in here for you to read then most guys would be comfortable with, this is because I want to give you as much information as possible in the space available, so that you could use your common sense to from own opinion, and decide for yourself if you want to help me, so I hope that you will stay with me for a little while…*******

On april 3rd 2003 after the butched robbery turned homocide I drove us back to the V.A. apartments, we pulled up in front of Nikki’s apartment unit, we all got out Shawn’s boy went his own way. Me and Shawn went inside Nikki apartment, I went in to call me a ride to come get me since I left my truck at my house. While we in Nikki house, her little brother, Marcus, is there and he let us in. I’m changing clothes while Shawn is talking on phone. Me and Marcus both heard Shawn sayin “I had to shoot the bitch, she got out of line”… So I yelled out loud enough for him to hear me and I tell him to watch his words, meaning his phone could be tapped. So he understood what I was telling him, so he hang out the phone and we left Nikkis house and went to this other friend female house, named Patricia. After that, we split up. Now what Markus heard Shawn say over the phone was one of the key issues the “D.A.” was banking on to trial Shawn first, they came to me trying to get me to testify against Shawn and the other person who they alleged and assume was also part of this crime, but I refuse to cut a deal so the D.A. went over to Shawn and offered him the deal, see these people told me to my face they knew I wasn’t the shooter, and they are not really concerned about who killed the female out there that day, but they are seeking justice on whoever killed that police officer out there that day. I told the cops just like I told the DA, I don’t know who did what so im not gonna lie on no one. And even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell cause I have morals and principes, I live by also and that’s death before dishonor, Dan Rizzo, the DA told me “you will be dying an honorable death, because I have the power to let you live, and I don’t mind letting one shooter go to kill a cop killer… So the DA ended up giving Shawn 30 years to testify against me and his boy. Now that just one “key issue”. The second key fact was Shawn have a 45 automatic hand gun.

The same gun that was used in the butched robbery turned homocide, now everybody has known Shawn for having this gun. This gun has infrared beam on it. Shawn Cherished this gun, he kept it everywhere he went, now if we go on a robbery is you going to let someone else hold your gun, and you gone go into a robbery empty handed ? Nobody in they right mind gone do something like that, what if something go down ? you gotta depend on someone to protect you. But I really didn’t see the need to bring a gun if it was supposed to be and inside job. That’s what I told Shawn, but he said what if somebody felt like playing superhero today, we will use his gun to scare them off. So I just rolled with that, but my point is no one will give up their own personal gun in robbery. So it makes no sense. Why would Shawn give up his gun in a robbery ? These people knew that was his gun, they knew he’s the one who killed that female and they know that they let a shooter get away and trying to kill a man who didn’t even kill no one out there that day, I didn’t even get out of the car !!!! Now the 3rd key fact in this case is : I m 5’11, Shawn is 6’4” and the female who got killed was about 5’9”. Now in trial they showed pictures where the medical people, showed how the victim was murdered, where she received her entry wound, and where there bullet excited at. Now they had a rod running from the inside top of this female’s head ,that s the entry wound and the exit wound come out on the left side just below he jawbone. Now I m 5’11” which mean if I holding a gun to this females head, it’s gonna be hild at a straight angle, so if I shoot her in the side of the head with that calibre of gun I would blow out the other side of her head… Now someone who is 6’4” trying to place a gun at someone head who is 5’9” gots to point it at a angle, because the victim is not tall enough to hold the at a straight angle, so once the shooter shoots, its gonna travel at a certain angle, that’s how this woman has a metal rod travelling in her head from a certain   angle. Now the 4th key : are they banking on Marcus statement on what he heard Shawn say over the phone, but after the state cut Shawn a deal for 30 years, now they also cut Marcus a deal, if he testified to his statement they wouldn’t press charges against Nikki for the drugs and guns they found in her apartment when they came in looking for evidence in the case, they also promised not to take the kids into child protective service custody.

But when my trial lawyers called Marcus to testify on his statement, Don Rizzo (the DA) tried to imply that Marcus was covering up for me because me and Nikki were “boyfriend and girlfriend”, back in 1st grade, we didn’t even know what boyfriend and girlfriend meant back then…
When she moved over to the VA I hadn’t seen Nikki in like 15 years, now she got 3 kids and her kids father lives with her, so we have never messed around this dude Marcus only stated what he heard… now if u gonna look at my trial case and all the evience you will see what I m trying to explain, that I m not the shooter.