I was born in Houston Texas on July 3nd 1979, to a single parent mother which i am the sibling of three, I have an older sister and also an younger brother, which that makes me the middle sibling. My mother raised me and my oldest sister on the south east side of Houston, in a low in come community called south park, but we stayed in some “section 8” Housing projects called the villa Americana, which was nicked name of V.A. for short. For long as I can remember, my mother was an drug addict When we were young, me and my sister used to see our mum smoking weed with her friends all the time, that was normal in our household. Later on in the early 90’s like 92’s, 93’s I found out my mother was addictive to crack cocaine. My mother was a child trying to raise a child, she had me at 18 years old, and my brother at 21 years old, but he never stayed with us, he went to go stay with his dad. But my mum really didn’t know how to raise children.  My mum was still young and wanted to party her life away, get high, and run the streets, so she did what most teenagers do at her age, and that’s dropped us off with family or friend. I mostly remember being raised by my aunt Paulette, she’s pretty much looked after me and my sister, because my mum was always gone, and if she was at home, she was sleeping and too tired from last night, that she didn’t want to be bothered. Let’s not get it twisted or confused, my mum wasn’t an unfit parent, really she just had poor parental skills. We always had good and cleaned clothes, our lights has never been cut off, and she always kept food in the house, it’s just we were too young to know how to cook all the stuff that she had in the freezer, so really basically it was like we had no food, unless our aunt, Paulette, came over and cooked for us. But at the time I was too young to understand all that stuff, and really didn’t care, I was just like any other young child my age, all I knew was that I loved my mother and she couldn’t do no wrong in my eyes, she was my world and my everything.

          All I wanted from her was her love and affection, but due to my mum being gone for weeks at a time or staying out all nights, she never really had the time to show me that love or affection. It’s no doubt in my mind that my mum loved us, we knew she did because she always tried to get us what we wanted as a child but I feel like she never knew how to show her love and affection to us, she thought buying us stuff was being a loving mother, but it takes more than that to be a parent. I was like every other kid needed that love and affection. So by the time I turned 10 years old, I was looking for love and affection, or attention, I wanted to feel special in some kind of way. So I started acting out at school, I seen how the other class clowns were getting all that attention, all the other kids were laughing treating them clowns like they were special, so I said I can do that what they doing and a whole lot better. So I started acting out in class and it was the kids put me on a pedestal, and gave me all the attention I needed and also wanted. It was a wonderful feeling to have people acknowledges me and it was a feeling that I didn’t want to lose. But as my mother continued to get addicted on drugs, she continued to push away and neglected her children, of the love we truly needed. I was raised in the projects that at nights, my sister and me would go to bed hungry, because we didn’t know how to cook the food in the freezer, so if my aunt Paulette didn’t come check on us, and made sure we ate something, we would go to bed hungry. But by the time I was 11 years old, I was out cutting yards and washing cards, just so me and my sister would be able to eat fried chicken from Popeye’s or we would order pizza.

            I was always a smart child growing up, I was a easy learner if you showed me once, I would catch on and could do it on my own the next time. So I never really had a problem at school as far as learning was concerned. I just always wanted to be the class clown at school. But I eventually started noticing the hustlers out of my projects; I was thinking that those guys were cool so I started looking up to the guys in my projects. I started watching them on the way they talked, the way they walked, the way they dressed, and also the way they carried themselves on a daily basis. One day, when I was about 11 years old, it was the summer time, one of the hustlers on the corner asked me if I wanted to make some money, I told him “yes”, so the guy told me to take this bag in my house and put it up so my mother couldn’t find it. And he will give me 20 $ a day. I never once asked the guy what was in that bag, I just took it and went hide it for 2 reasons : the first reason, I was going to be paid 20 $ a day, that means me and my sister could eat pizza and chicken every day for sure. The 2nd reason, now bye me having this bag, I know I’ll be seen around this hustler all the time. So I knew that was gone make me the coolest amongst me and my little friends, I hung out with. I started putting up $ 10 dollars day, but due to me being around that hustler, some of my other hustlers started asking me to do others favors, so I became known to the other hustlers on the block, and they all paid for their favors, so I was really loving this attention now. And I was also loving the money I was being paid for the small favors for theses hustlers. But I wanted more attention, I wanted to be one of them now, I wanted more money, I wanted the girls and I wanted the jewellery. So I went to the neighborhood drug dealer with a $ 100 dollars of the money I had been saving from the favors I had been doing for the hustlers, ever since that my life has changed. I began to take care of me and my sister, my childhood had just gone out the window, and I became a man child… Now I wasn’t looking for love and affection from my mother anymore, now I was out in the streets earning respect amongst the same dude’s I use to look up too. By that time my mother couldn’t do anything with me, my mind was made up, this was what I wanted to do, and this was what I was going to do. My mind was set; I was going to be a drug dealer, hustling on the block. The streets became my home away from home, the street raised me I became a man in the streets, at no point, am I trying to glorify the life of the streets, but those streets taught me a lot of life lessons. I have learned today. They also made me though in certain areas of my life, but also made me soft in other areas of my life… By the time I was 13 years old, I had built a reputation on the block, as one of the going up and coming hustlers on the block. I was known for trying to “get money” as we call it on the block. But the block is like a jungle and only the strong guys can survive, so you can make the money but are you tough enough to keep it.

          I used run into a few incidents where the older dudes took advantages of me because I was young, and they took my drugs and money, it happened a few time by  the same guy, and a few more times bye those guys of the block until I said that was enough and put a stop to it. I had to go out and buy a gun for my own protection, I had a few confrontations with a few guys after I bought the gun for protection, word got out fast that I wasn’t no easy to push over and it’s best that you leave me alone, so I didn’t have no more problems after that.. By this time, I was making good money, I had the respect I was looking for, I was 13 years old and had my own car, jewellery, clothes, and all the attention I needed. But that still wasn’t enough so I started hanging with some older guys who were like 19 and 20 years old. At the time these guys were the most feared dudes in the hood, but they really started hanging with me to take advantage of me and the fact that I had a car. I didn’t know or realise at that time, that they were using me to do robberies in my car, but once I found out I had been on 13 stores robberies with these dudes and didn’t get a dime, but once I caught on those guys convinced me to keep on letting them use my car as the getaway car, but now I would be getting my cut out of each score, which you know they gave me the short end of the stick because I didn’t know no better, but I know I couldn’t tell those guys “no” that I didn’t want to do robberies in my car, because then I would have been considered a punk or weak and would have lost my reputation in the hood. Plus I was also scared of those dudes… So I ended up running with those guys for a year, then they all ended up getting caught and getting a bunch of years in prison… I also got caught up in all that, I was 14 years old at the time and I made the 5’0’ clock news, I was all over the news, so after I went to juvie hall I became a celebrity overnight all the youngsters in my jank was praising me like I was the paper, but on the streets in my hood, my popularity shot up again, so now all the older hustlers and gangsters sending me word telling me to call them and if I need anything, just let them know, oh and all the older women and young girls couldn’t wait until I come home. I didn’t realise it then how serious that situation was, but I miss being certified as an adult only because the police violated my Rights by showing my face on TV and I was a juvenile, so they chose not to file to charge me as an adult, because we could have filed a lawsuit on the city of Houston. I ended up getting one year in the “Texas youth commission”, a year later I came back home,  I was 15 years old with the status of a celebrity in the hood, I just wanted to get back out there and get money again and keep my popularity going on… So I’m out for a few years doing me getting money, I done been in and out of the juvie hall for minor stuff even got caught with some crack and went did 6 months county time, got out from that and was back at the same old stuff. I tell you the truth, really once you turn to this way of life you’ll get addictive like it’s a drug, you will be so caught up in the time like you won’t never really want to change it. At the age of 17 years old with no thoughts of ever changing, me and my friends from childhood had started selling our drugs in the apartments across the streets from the V.A. which is called “Crystal springs” with his girlfriend, so we use to hang by his place selling our drugs. They had this one older dude who was about 35 or 36 years old who sold crack out of his house in the apartments, he didn’t like the fact that me and my friend started selling our crack right there by his apartment where he sold his crack at, so he started picking with us thinking he would scare us off with his loud talking threats. But we continued to hang out by Ju-ju’s house, so the older dude got frustrated, a few months later, he came outside walked up to me and my friend and pushed me down, I got up and pushed him back. Punched him in the face, when I hit him he stepped back and pulled out a knife. I wasn’t even scared of the knife, I was so pissed off and mad, that I ran home and get my gun and came back and shot the guy, I didn’t shoot him to kill him, I just really shot him in the leg to let him know I’m the wrong person to be playing with. Well he didn’t play by the rules of the streets, because he called the police, so I ended up going to prison for 4 years on that, so I spent the rest of 1997 to 2001 in prison. I came back home in April 2001. I went back to doing the same thing I been doing before I left. Oh but this time I thought I had the plan and I was gone come up and get me 2 million dollars and start my rap company. I was doing good music for a minute, but you know nothing ever go as plan and it will never run perfect. I ended up catching a drug case I went to state jail for 6 month. I came home after that still didn’t learn anything. So I was back on the same stuff once again. But this time I realised I need a new area, so I moved out to the south west side and started out there with a childhood friend. I had started making good money then me and my girlfriend moved in our own apartment. I bought her a truck; I had 2 cars and a truck. I had finally started doing good for myself. But I went back for a few of my close friends out the V.A., I went got them and brought them out there with me so they could get some of this good money. we were out there for like 9 months, then one day “Shawn”now this a youngster who grew up under me, so I had always looked out for him as a lil brother. But anyway, him come up to the lil spot we used to hustle out of , he told me “man I got a “lick” meaning robbery. I got a lick for 300 thousands”. So I’m like “bro stop playin me , get the fuck out of here, I ain’t fucking with no banks”. So Shawn said “I got something better then a bank with less risk”. So he told me he bump into one of his old female’s he used to talk to and she works at a “Ace” check cashing place. I’m like “bro ain’t no damn 300 thousand in no damn ACE”. He told me that the woman ain’t gonna lie about nothing like that, plus she do the inventory when the bank drops the money off. So come to find out, I know the female also, so I sit her down and quiz her about how much money is in this place. She told me if I don’t believe her, then next Friday I can come watch the owner truck bring in a big duffle bag full of money. You know I had to check it out  and sure enough just like she said that Friday an owner truck pulled up and took a duffle bag on a daily into the “ACE”, man right them I knew I was in on that.

          All this was talked about on how much money we had to give the woman, plus we talked about how we wanted to do this. The Female agreed to our plan and I let Shawn pick the 3rd person since it was his idea and his plan. On the day it was supposed to go, Shawn showed up, we went to this “ACE”, I asked Shawn do he think his female friend was gone go through with it because I wasn’t feeling right… He answered “I just hang up the phone with her”; I took over the wheel and drove up to the place. After 20 minutes, a car pulls up and we realize it isn’t the female we know, so I tell Shawn do better not to  do it, but this clown was determined, he was gone get that 300 thousand because he knew it was on there. Him and his boys got out and ran up on the lady who was about to open up the “ACE”. I was still in the car, and after 20 minutes I was feeling like they taking too long to come back, just then I see a police car pull up. I was about to leave them guys there, but a part of me couldn’t leave those guys that are my childhood friends, so I had to sit and see if they made it out. Next thing I know, I heard gun shots, and seen Shawn and his boy running to the car, they get in, I pulled off and at that moment I knew my life was about to change for the worst. Man all this stuff happened so fast, you don’t really have time to think or make the best decision, but one thing I know we were sit up and I know I didn’t kill nobody so I shouldn’t be put to death, while the state let Shawn go with his life just to testify on the other two of us, just because we wouldn’t testify on Shawn, police and the D.A. know Shawn was the actual shooter. So killing me will not give nobody closure because the killer is still living. We will hope y’all will go look at the evidence and facts in my case and you will see Shawn was the shooter. I can go on and on with this story but imma close it here and let you, the readers, go look up the case and all the evidence they had at my trial…