When will the  killings stop ?? The U.S.A  teaches us that killing is wrong, but then they allow certain states of their country to murder their own citizens. The state of Texas seeks to kill Elijah for a murder HE DID NOT COMMIT. Yes he is  guilty of an aggravated robbery, but HE DID NOT PLAN , or know, that someone was going to be murdered.   HE WAS ONLY THE DRIVER , and he was waiting in the car when the people were killed, so he is  not guilty of murder. So if the state of Texas wants to kill Elijah, it’s also going to be murdering an innocent !!    Elijah was brought to justice for his actions on being a part of the robbery; the victims’ family have got their closure the day Elijah stood before a jury and judge in court. But murdering Elijah is not justice, it’s only an act of revenge and a big mistake on the real killer, it’s no justice or closure in murder, it’s simply revenge. Two murders don’t’ make it right.

ABOUT ELIJAH (Elijah’s own words)

          Let me formally introduce myself, my name is Elijah Joubert, and I have been on Texas death row since 13th January 2005, for a capital murder offence, I DID NOT commit, yes you read it right, I did not commit the crime. I’m not here trying to claim I’m innocent; my claim is that I’m innocent of capital murder. Yes I’m guilty of aggravated robbery, but I did Not Kill, I didn’t even have a gun so I’m not guilty of capital murder.  I’m trying to show and prove that I’m not guilty, the evidence proves that I’m not the shooter in this robbery, turned murder. But yet the state of Texas wants to kill me, just for participation or a lookout person.   Politicians try to clean it up with fancy words, but as far as I am concerned when you take someone’s life, its not self defense, you are committing murder.

          Why do you think the death certificate of someone executed is the same cause of death as a person killed in a robbery, it is stated Homicide, WHY, in today’s society of American citizens people feel like its necessary to kill one person teach other people not to kill? That’s totally hypocrisy but now I can’t speak or write on this subject as in depth as others.  Lawyers are constantly speaking out against the monstrosities of the death penalties and learned “persons” whose words are diplomatic and more refined than mine, but what they seek about I’m forced to live. The statistics they use to explain things, I see every day, My knowledge manifests itself from the few years of hard times and struggles. Years of viewing my execution subtly approach as those who came before me vanish by ones and twos — Years of enduring the shedding of the tears of my daughter, as I Struggle to explain why the state of Texas wants to kill her father, and she fails to comprehend it. Years of being trapped in a cage with a threat of my own murder hanging over my head, staring down at me in the face, as the courts deny me every right they can, to ensure they are able to take my life.

          For those of you who believe in the death penalty, I want you to know that there has been and will be innocent people killed by the State of Texas, just like there are Death row inmates knowing that they were not the shooter, which I’m in that same situation, I fall under the law of parties plus the state knew I wasn’t the shooter, but they sent me to death row because I wouldn’t testify on one of my co defendants, they end up cutting a deal with the shooter just to get my other co defendant which is also on death row with me. Just like they were about to kill Kenneth foster, when they (the state) knew he didn’t kill anyone, plus the state had already executed the shooter in fosters capital case… The evidence is there, but as with so many cases it has been ignored or hidden. What I can’t understand is how the majority of American citizens can continue to support the death penalty,  I have seen the marches on tv, how people cry and scream for the execution of someone, they say he deserves to die, because he took a life and by doing so left a string of victims behind to mourn the one he killed, but yet with every execution the state does the same, leave a string of victims behind to mourn the one that the state has killed.

          If you are someone who supports the death penalty I ask you to demand the laws be applied fairly to guarantee not one innocent person or law of parties victim is convicted or executed for a crime they didn’t commit. Do not accept no matter how others try to justify it, the spilling of innocent blood into your conscious because once you do that, you will have to accept all the others, those of part, and those yet to come, leaving you to become a murderer. I’m going to leave you now so you can explore the rest of the website, I hope that in the end you will find it within your being to help me, as I fight to save my life