Alot of you browse my blogsite are pretty familiar with who I am and my situation.But for those of you who are not familiar with me and may have just come across my blogsite! I’m sitting on Texas Death Row- The killing machine, fighting for my life and freedom! But most of the time you the People do not really know what you read and hear from the picture the media has painted of that person. But what I’m going to do, each month I’m going to all you the people to come into my life and share my world.! Im going to allow you to see for yourself the human being in me, and who I am as a person, what I’m going to do is share with you my views, beliefs and opinions, so you can see I’m Human just like everyone else thats out in society living their lives!

Im Just like you all, I have a heart and feelings, I like to laugh, and have Fun, and Im not perfect which I’ve made a mistake that may cost me my life at the hands of the killing machine in Texas!

But I want to operate a blog that uplifting, encouraging and also inspirational! I want this blog to be a place where people can come in Peace, women, men and teenagers, and we can share our views beliefs and also opinions through dialogue conversations with peace and understanding! I want everyone who log on to this blogsite to understand and realize that we are all human beings mature human beings at that, so we as human beings are entitled to our own views, beliefs and personal opinions in life!

It doesn’t mean that we are right or wrong, it just means that we as humans beings may see things in life differently, due to what we have seen and how we were raised in Life! But two people having different views, beliefs, and opinions dont make wither person no better than the other and no lesser than the next person. All it does is shows that we all come from different cultures, environments and backgrounds, so we wont always agree and see things the same way in Life! But here on this blogsite we going to come in union and peace and respect each others views, beliefs and opinions on life!

Now I must say since I’ve been here on Death Row some other guys and myself here are constantly in dialouge and have had some very interesting conversation on some very interesting topics over the years! So what I am going to do is bring you the people into our Death Row Society and share with you, some of our Dialouge conversations and topics we have been having here on Texas Death Row!

The Topic I’m going to share with you this month is A topic that always gets the dudes fired up here on death row! So I want to see what your view the people on this topic. I would like to hear your views or leave a comment your view on this topic, I would like to hear and read all your comments and views Ok so here is the first topic


I would love to hear your comments on this topic, but here is my own personal opinion of this question. Before I go any further lets get it understood this is my view and it doenst make me right or wrong!

Yes I do believe a person can love two people intimately at the same time, because love is an emotional feeling of affection, two people share by bonding and communicating! You can love those two people. For different reasons such as you may have one person yu love because that persons makes you feel secure and safe when you’re with them, and that person understands you as a person and you can talk about anything! But this person is too serious with no sense of humor no excitement or adventure side of theirself! But then on the other hand you have this other person you love because they are up beat, they make you feel special, they shower you with attention and affection while making you smile and keeping you happy! This person here is exciting, and fun to be around and just brings out the happy spirits in you! So you basically love those two people for different reasons.

I know some people will try to address this topic from a religious standpoint, and will say no you Cant love two people at the same time because its wrong! But right now id did not ask was it right or wrong, I only asked do you think a person can love two people intimately at the same time, but even if a person chose to use that type of approach from a religious standpoint, I would like to point out something from a religious standpoint, In the beginning of a time back in the B.C days before Christ, under religious laws man was allowed to have multiple wives and concubines who they loved ook care and provided for just like their 1st wife. So way back in the B.C. Time you could love two people intimately at the same time Ok I’m going to go now but I really want to read and hear everyones thoughts on this topic. Also if anyone wants to ask me a question direct or to get my personal opinion then you can also write to me direct if you do not want to leave a comment.

Please leave a comment, these comments will be sent to me each month after each topic has gone out.


2 responses

  1. Susanne Pock says:

    Hi Elijah,I also think that you can love two people.It’s only human;I think so.Respect is important!–sorry,my English is very bad;but I hope you understand what I mean!
    Elijah,I send you very mutch Greetings,Love and Hugs to you!!!-Susanne, from Germany

  2. VB says:

    Hi Elijah —

    Your new pen pal here. Just found this site. To your point: I was initially confused regarding your “love intimately” clause in your question. I read further and can only assume you mean sexually. If this is a wrong assumption, please correct it, but for now, I am going to run with that, mk?
    I don’t believe it is truly possible to have the fullness of God’s spectrum of human love with two people at the same time, if it includes sexual expression. That is a specific, inclusive physical expression of love for one individual to another. However, if you are talking about what I consider true intimacy, speaking and sharing from the depth of heart to heart, then I don’t believe there is a limit on those relationships. Christ certainly didn’t demonstrate any limitation regarding those relationships. And look at David and Jonathan. That was an intimate love relationship, sans the sexuality that most people use to define an “intimate relationship.”

    All the best,