Words Direct From Elijah

I know a lot of you all are true compassionate people at heart, so it’s only in your nature to care and have compassion for human beings who are being mistreated and opposed! But a lot of you don’t truly know about or understand the struggle of prison life or the “ANTI DEATH PENALTY MOVEMENT”! Prison life is harsh and cruel and the living conditions are unjust and inhumane! Then me being in my situation on Death Row and in a cell 22 hours a day is mental torture. Then on top of all that I’m Dealing with depression, abandonment and loneliness, due to my family and friends have abandoned me and left me for dead!

I’m here on Death Row all alone and on my own!

It’s very frustrating because I’m in need of my basic needs and necessities to survive here in prison. I’m basically hopeless and helpless because the prison don’t allow me to work, so I have no means or way to provide for myself while in prison! Which leaves me and forces me to ask for help and support from family and friends, but that option is not working because my family and friends don’t help or support me at all through this struggle in prison! So now I have no one I’m here on my own!

But I really need help and support to get through the prison struggle! I would not ask for help or support if I didn’t really need help or support! Right Now I’m in need and need anyone who’s on my page as a friend to be willing to help me out a little bit through this struggle! I also need support and help mentally to get me through the day at mail!! So I’m calling out to all my new friends on my websites, blogs and facebook I’m in need of y’alls help and support I need letters, pictures, and visits to help me get through these hard times.

You really don’t understand how much a letter, picture and visits mean to a person in prison (death row) Those type of things surely does make a person’s day and life better.

I do not have internet access personally, so I can not hop online and kick it with my friends on my website or facebook etc when I want to, so I’m asking can we kick it through snail mail?

I am also asking can you spare some donations of $5 or $10 a month to help, so I’ll be able to get soap, lotions, toothpaste deodorants and stationery things that help me survive here.

If you can spare a few dollars each month you can go through Jpay, by registering/logging on to JPAY website www.jpay.com you will need my tdcj number 00999492, polunsky unit, texas. You can also write to me via jpay as well

If you would like to kick it with me through snail mail I would truly enjoy it and also appreciate that dearly.

I have so much to offer as a person, I just need someone to believe in me and give me a chance

You can write to me at



3872 FM 350 SOUTH


TEXAS 77351


You can read my information on my website http://freedom4elijah.wix.com/freedom-for-elijah OR My blogsite


and please add my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/elijah.friendsgroup


from Elijah Joubert


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